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If you to develop your writing before you submit it to school, we can send you feedback that explains how to improve your answer, edit, proofread your assignment. Please send us you high school assignment/ college/university essay, annotated bibliography and research submission.

The feedback can be audio-video recorded and the cost is between $35-$50 based on the assignment. You can have a package for less fees.

Our editing process ensure the following:

Edit for argument

  • Is your thesis statement clear?

  • Does it take a position and outline your supporting argument?

  • Does it answer the essay question?

  • Are your key reasons signposted in the introduction?

  • Are they summarized in the conclusion?

Edit for structure

  • Is your argument sustained through the essay body?

  • Do your topic sentences contribute to your argument?

  • Are your paragraphs in a logical order?

  • Does the order of your reasons in the introduction match the order of your paragraphs in the body?

Edit for paragraphing

  • Does each paragraph have a topic sentence and one main idea?

  • Do your paragraphs have too much evidence and analysis? If so, should they be split?

  • Are your quotations accurate?

  • Is the evidence you use correctly cited?

Edit for expression

  • Do your sentences flow together?

  • Are there any long sentences that could be shortened?

  • Are there any redundant phrases or areas of repetition that could be cut?

  • Have you eliminated spelling and grammatical errors?

  • Is the essay formatted according to the course requirements?

Bibliography and citation

We check your APA/MLA citation (in-text & End of text)

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Email us:

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