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Business Communication Course

This course helps you improve your writing and speaking skills at work. You will learn how to use the proper tone in your communication with your boss, your colleagues and your customers. You will be able to write different business documents and speak in a variety of work situations.  Upon completing the course successfully, you will get a certificate from the American Institute of Professional Studies (AIPS).

Tuitions & Fees

  • Registrations is Free

  • Placement test (if needed) is free.

  • At least CLB 6 or CEFR B1 is a requirement to join this course.

  • Prices are for groups of 3-4 learners. Private courses are available for extra fees.

  • A certificate from the AIPS (American Institute for Professional Studies) 

                        -International recognition.
                        -Certificates are Available in paper and digital formats.

                        -Fully secured issuing procedure.  


Full time Course

(4 weeks-60 hours)

3 hours per day

5 days a week

CAD $450


AIPS Certificate %50

Part time course 

(7 weeks-63 hours)

3 hours a day 

3 days a week 

CAD $580


AIPS Certificate %50

Additional fees

  • $50 for lesson materials

  • $150 extra fees for international students 

  • Payment can be through wire transfer/ email transfer/ credit card
  • Only for Ontario residents: Governmental Loan to fund the course
  • Special prices for corporates and groups
  • Fees are in Canadian Dollar CAD


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