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Links for Educational Technology - Free Tech 4Teachers - Tips for using technology in the classroom.  All the fun apps and tools you can use in your classroom – EdTech Schools - Tips and lesson ideas on how you can integrate technology in your classroom - Educators Technology - a resource of educational tools and mobile apps for teachers and educators - EdTech Magazine - The website to explore technology and education issues that IT leaders and educators face when they’re evaluating and implementing a solution - Power my learning - A curation of some of the best educational content on the web made easily accessible, both for students and teachers - KQED - The free media literacy teaching and learning hub for educators and students

Professional development videos for teachers - - Courses teaching  educators to handle digital programs or systems like Canvas, Moodle, Office, Brightspace, and so on - TED Talks - The best way to get your teacher game face on point


Professional development teacher reflection resources – Book widgets - A good source to Include reflection in your lesson plan - Book Widgets – Helps educators to create  a teacher reflection survey online

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