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Academic English Course

Our EAP courses enable students to be accepted in Canadian colleges/universities and help them excel in their future studies in Canada. developing your academic English skills is your pathway to post-secondary studies.

Tuition and Fees
Free registration and Placement test

EAP Level 1 Beginners 

8 weeks

(60 hours)

 CAD $520

3 days per week

EAP Level 2


8 weeks


 CAD $480

3 days per week

EAP Level 3


6 weeks


CAD $420

3 days per week

EAP Level 4


5 weeks 

(30 hours)

CAD $380

3 days per week

Additional fees:
-$50 for materials 
-International students (with or without study permit) will be charged $150 extra fees. 



  • Fees can be paid in 2 installments 

  • Governmental Loan is available for Ontario constituents 

  • Payment can be through wire transfer/ email transfer/ credit card 

  • Fees are in Canadian Dollar CAD

For more information, contact us


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