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Rasha Alhudaithy

Immigration Professional

Rasha is applying for the license of immigration consultant in Canada. She managed to get the highest scores needed in her CELPIP test after receiving highly quality training at Canadian Dream Academy.


Amira Sonbol

Graphic Designer

Amira is a professional graphic designer. She was accepted at  Sheridan College after joining Canadian Dream Academy in preparation for her acceptance test.

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Nouran Ahmed

Medicine Student in Canada

Nouran was an  IELTS candidate who needed the IELTS to continue her study as a medical student in Canada. After getting the IELTS Online course at Canadian Dream Academy, she scored 7 and higher in each skill . from the first attempt. 


Omar Bayari

High-school student in Canada

Omar is a high school student who joined the Academic Writing course at Canadian Dream Academy. Omar achieved the best results in the course, which ultimately affected his academic writing at school.

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Shaimaa Adel

Immigrant to Canada

Shaimaa was an immigration candidate and needed the IELTS to complete her immigration application. She received the preparation course and achieved the required score. She is now a Canadian resident.


Fatma Ahmed

Dentistry Student in Canada

Fatma had attempted many IELTS tests before joining Canadian Dream Academy. After completing her training at the academy, she scored 7.5 and higher in all skills.

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