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Training & Services 


Language Test Preparation

If you need a language proficiency proof to get licensed for a career in Canada, we provide training courses to prepare you for the English Language tests.

-IELTS Academic

-IELTS General





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Business English Communication Course

26 hours of intensive training ONLINE on written communications in business. The course helps students to:

-Write Effective business emails
-Write a Business Memo and proposal
-Write a statistical report of a graph
-Learn and use proper tone in business writing
-Learn Business meeting phrases
-Learn Business Conflict Resolution phrases
-Do Biography research and presentation
-Write a strong Resume, CV and Cover letter
-Learn Language of Debate and effective arguments

-Learn Research skills and APA citation


Educational Technology for Teachers and Schools

In cooperation with our partner 'Teach-O-gen', this 16-hour course trains teachers and principals on using technology in their teaching either in class or online. It also provides them with tools and applications to manage their classrooms, evaluate their students, prepare their lessons, create materials, and other teaching responsibilities. School principals can benefit from the training and applications to ensure a higher level of their schools performance. 


ESL Development Course 

This course has 5 levels:

  1. Beginners (CLB 3-4)

  2. Pre-intermediate (CLB 5-6)

  3. Intermediate (CLB 7)

  4. Advanced I (CLB 8-9)

  5. Advanced II (CLB 10-11)

In each level, learners will develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and improve their language while communicating with others in English speaking countries.

You can also choose to study conversation course only to improve your listening and speaking skills.


Academic English Course for adults (EAP)

In this course, trainees will develop their academic reading, writing, listening and speaking to either be accepted in a university/college program or to improve their academic English while studying a post-secondary degree. am.


Junior Program: High School Students (Focus on Academic Writing & Literary Analysis)

we provide a strong practice in academic writing for high school students to help them improve their writing skills and research skills. The course focuses on essay writing, academic vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, research skills as well as the literary analysis as basic requirements in the high school writing curriculum.

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Assignment Feedback and Guidance

We help students excel in their academic essays and research and assignments by giving them feedback on their writing based on the school questions, instructions and rubrics. We clarify the areas that they need to improve in many areas. This helps students improve their writing skills and their grades at schools.


Marking IELTS Writing 

You can get your IELTS essay marked by professional assessors who provide you with comprehensive feedback and reliable evaluation based on IELTS writing descriptors.



We provide a variety of English learning resources to English teachers and learners. the materials include lessons in grammar, vocabulary and writing. Also, there are useful videos, worksheets and writing samples.

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